LU Online Studio

鶹ӳӰ's 'LU Online Studio' is the best kept secret on campus! Our fully digital studio can handle all your instructional needs for your online courses.

If you have an idea that will enhance your teaching skills for your classes, then we can make that idea come to life. The Studio is staffed by two staff members with a combined 35 years experience in television, graphics, and video presentations. The Studio is equipped with the latest video technology software and uses Hi-Def in all of its productions. The staff will also provide On air consultation to you, if you so desire.

Studio Teleprompter

The Studio uses a teleprompter loaded with your written lessons, so there is no need for memorization. If you can read aloud, then you can read from the teleprompter. It's that simple.
A close up of a camera recording a professional looking woman in the background
The entire process of having your online class videotaped is equally simple, too. It can be summed up in five steps:

  • Email or call us to set up an appointment
  • Write your lessons in a Word Document
  • If you want Powerpoints to accompany your lessons, use the pre-formed template and create your Powerpoints
  • Email the Word Document and Powerpoints to us
  • Show up prepared and rehearsed, video record your lesson, and then leave the rest to us!
We promise to make your time with us in front of the lens and under the bright lights as enjoyable as possible!
The Studio will make sure your videos are A.D.A. compliant (100% accuracy rate when recording with us) and we will attach the Closed Captions to your lessons for you. Once your video is complete, you will receive an email notification telling you your videos are available to view and are ready to be posted into your class shell.

Want to schedule an appointment?

Feel free to call us or email us anytime between 8am and 5pm! We're excited to help you create quality content for your online courses!

Email us at
jack.fitch@lamar.edu  |  chris.busselle@lamar.edu
Or call us at

(409) 880-7382